Admitted to Practice

  • Oregon: 2018
  • USPTO: 2011
  • New York: 2001
  • Connecticut: 1998

Law School

University of New Hampshire (formerly Franklin Pierce Law Center)

Juris Doctor, 1997

U.S. Navy
Persian Gulf War

Thank you for considering Bellwether Legal’s services for your trademark and legal needs.

To give you a little background about me, I have been practicing law for the last 20 years, primarily in global intellectual property matters like trademarks, copyright, domain names and IP licensing.  Additionally, I’ve litigated trademark cases in the US, Canada, UK, France and China.

I was most recently Chief Trademark Counsel for Whirlpool Corporation, the largest home appliance manufacturer in the world. While at Whirlpool, I focused primarily on global trademarks, copyright, domain names and litigation.  For three years during my tenure, I was the Division Counsel for the global KitchenAid brand team and handled all of their diverse legal issues across the globe.

I also have experience in complex commercial contracts, joint-development agreements, marketing and product claims, logistics & warehouse service agreements, NDAs, licensing, sponsorship and promotions, strategic sourcing, and more.

I’m a business savvy, client-centric attorney who is committed to helping my clients meet their business objectives while minimizing risk. My nimble, flexible approach is an advantage for small-to-medium sized businesses, startups or tech companies because I can get things done quickly and be an advocate for you and your business.  

I’m based in Eugene, Oregon, but I can assist you no matter where you and your company are located.  Whether you’re conducting a side business in your garage in Ohio, or launching a new tech company from the Silicon beach, or creating a new microbrewery in Montana (because you have the best brew recipe ever), I can help you.   

You’re probably wondering why I am a better choice than a big full-service law firm for your business.    

Bellwether Legal offers you an experienced attorney that understands you and the unique legal needs of a business like yours.  I understand that your to-do list is lengthy, and there never seems to be enough time to get to many of your tasks. And sometimes, legal needs are pushed to the bottom of the list to be dealt with when there’s more time.  But that day never comes. You’re never sitting around saying, I wish I had something more to do! That’s because you are spending your time creating and building your business, which is exactly what you should do. But this is where I can help you – in a cost-effective manner.  

Most of what I do can be done with flat fee pricing to give you predictability in your budget.  If you have legal work that doesn’t fit into the flat-fee structure, I can work with you to create a budget and plan.  My rates are very reasonable – you won’t be subsidizing a glass office in the penthouse overlooking an expansive skyline, fancy suits, Louboutin red-heeled shoes, or a beautiful German sports car…  (While I don’t wear Louboutin red-heeled shoes or represent them, their trademark in the red sole of their shoe is a brilliant example of a non-traditional trademark!)

Today is the day to protect what you have created and built.  Let’s get to that legal work. Let’s get your trademarks filed and prevent the pirate thieves from stealing the intellectual property that is rightfully yours.


I am an IP Attorney by vocation and a photographer by avocation.  My love of the Oregon coast, nature, tide pools, the forest and travel are the inspiration for all of my images. You can see some of my photos in the Photo Gallery.